Top 5 Tourist Spots In UK And Mini Bus Hire

The United Kingdom is the world’s 8th biggest tourist destination. And judging from the top 5 tourist spots below, whether you plan, just focus on one or see all five tourists spots, travelling might be a little challenging. However, if you hire a mini bus from One Executive, you might actually get the most out of United Kingdom.



  1. London

It’s not so surprising that London is the world’s most popular destination today. Not just because of how many tourists visits London but also because it houses so many fascinating museums, the best theatre scene in the world, a lot of top sporting venues, more green space compared to other cities in Europe. Aside from that its low crime rate adds to the reason why more and more tourist flocks to London.

  1. Edinburgh

What attracts travelers to Edinburgh, Scotland, aside from its beautiful and cosmopolitan city, is also the fact that it’s one of the best places to live and work. Too good to be true? Just ask its 3.6 million visitors every year and 191, 571 immigrants which has nearly doubled in the past decade and turned it into 369,284, just between 2001 and 2011.

  1. York

York’s long history and rich heritage is most likely the reason why it became a modern tourist-oriented city, despite how mediaeval this place appears to be. Well, the 13th century walls that enclosed this land maybe had an alluring factor to tourists as well.

  1. Glasgow

Glasgow’s striking architecture is one of the reasons why Scotland’s tourism industry is expected to boom. But of course, their most imaginative and best-financed museums play a role too.

  1. Keswick

For those who really like outdoor activities and food, the perfect place for you in UK is Keswick. The Skiddaw Mountain and Derwentwater is just breath-taking, plus Keswick is also known for their super choice of eateries that satisfy different taste buds, no matter how much of a picky-eater you are.

Excited to pack your bags now? Well, you should! But before anything else, make sure you have everything ready and you’ve arrange a mini bus hire for this travel for a more secure and comfortable European getaway.




World meet Biddy, the travelling hedgehog

It looks like I have competition! As many of my followers know I love traveling, one of my traveling friends sent me this instragram profile that I just had to share.

Meet Biddy, the hedgehog, his Instagram follwing is massive for his traveling antics, a lot of people now keep hedgehogs as pets but this little fella seems to have better advetures than me now!


Theres loads of cute photos of Biddy online, showcasing some fantastic places to visit, some of which have inspired me to take another trip to America.

You can follow Biddy’s adventures on Instragram, they can be found under the username “biddythehedgehog”.



Top 3 hiking tents

Hiking is a great way to explore the world around us, and access places that are only accessible on foot.

But if you do plan to hiking you need to ensure you’ve got the right equipment, today I’m going though the top 3 hiking tents you can use on your next holiday.

  1. Easy Camp Go Shadow 200 Tent

    This lightweight, tunnel tent is ideal when on the move, this tent also features a sheltered porch for storage and a pocket to store small items such as torch’s or sunglasses.

  2. Vango Soul 100 Tent

    This solo tent is great for those hiking on your own, lightweight and breathable, these Vango tents are also a great all round tent and not just for hiking.
  3. KingCamp Holiday 3 Tent

    For larger groups, a KingCamp Holiday 3 tent is a great tent for group outings, with a porch to allow storage for muddy boots and other items.

Some great choices of tents for you to chose from, let me know if you choose any for your next hiking trip.



Wine tasting in France

I’m a big lover of French wine, and on my bucket list of things to do before I die, visiting a French Vineyard was one of them.

In January I managed to get away for a short weekend break to La Grande Maison d’Arthenay in Loire.

I couldn’t recommend it enough, if you’ve yet to visit France, or if you’re a big wine lover like myself then you really do need to visit this place.

I loved it so much that I’ve already booked again to go in the Summer.





Videography While Travelling: Your HD Smartphone or an Outdoor Camera?

Are you a travel blogger or do you want to tell the world that you are an avid traveller? If you want to let your audience have a second hand experience of your adventures, then you would definitely want to involve videography while travelling.

However, your videography style would definitely be affected by the conditions of your travel. Sure, you want to capture your outdoor adventures in full HD and cover all the possible shots, but that can be a problem if you are travelling alone. Add the weight of your outdoor gear and your travel clothes, and you would be concerned on what shooting gear you should be bringing in your travel. That means that you would not always want to bring your DSLR, lenses, and tripod with you, especially during backpacker outings.

When weight and mobility is a big concern and shooting with DSLR is out of the question, these would be your options:

Your Smartphone

Smartphones are great when it comes to on-the-spot shooting and even creating short films. It is lightweight and does not involve much gadgetry in order to start shooting. It also helps that most smartphones today offer support for high-res shooting. However, you would not want to deplete the battery, especially if you are relying on your phone for communication and directions – as you know, videoing while GPS is on would drain batteries faster than you can say “Say Cheese.”

However, smartphones would work great for location tests and if you do not want the hassle of whipping out an extra device to shoot with when the subject is already there. You would want to stick with urban shots with it though, since you do not want to risk damaging your phone.

Outdoor Mini Camcorders

Go Pro cameras and other small outdoor cameras do not make you worry about excess baggage, and they also provide great flexibility when you shoot in rough terrains. You also quit worrying about getting yourself wet with your camera. Everything’s well with these cameras when it comes to sound as well – their microphones work well against wind, and if you need an extra mic, you can just patch in a boom mic or a Zoom H4N for great field recording.

It seems like that outdoor camcorders are the best video device when you are gunning for videography while travelling, but it has certain limitations as well. Just look at your Go Pro shots – they are always set in wide, but it may not be your intention when taking the shots. While wide shots make great outdoor and rugged impressions, they are not absolute for travel shots. More often than not, you would not want to go with the distortions on the frame of the shot.

The Verdict

If you are gunning for low outdoor shooting cost and you want to exploit all possible types of shots without the bulk, it would be best to use both devices for your shots, and then patch them up in editing. That would grant you the balance between the high-res and sharp colors from your phone, and the feel of an outdoor camera.

Post with help from a great friend, Paul Hubbard. Thanks Paul.


My favourite plane attire

I travel a lot as you will start seeing gradually on my blog.

Let’s take Singapore for example (where I was last month), I always carried the following:

My favourite hip flask

Don’t ask why, but I always have my famous Aspinal hip-flask with me, you never know?!

My Bum Bag

I’m not ashamed, I love a bum bag. Ideal for keeping your Passport safe!

My Hoodie

I bloody love a Hoodie, I usually wear my company branded one when I travel as it’s comfortable and at least it reminds me I’m still on work duties! Non of my colleagues have one, so I got mine from here – if you’re like me.

My T-Shirt

I also grabbed branded printed tee shirts from the company above, I love it!

My Watch

I always wear my less corporate watch when traveling, usually my casio!

My Jeans

Classic denim pair, Debenhams I think!